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Ralf Buschmeyer

Released March, 2012

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What do Toronto, Vancouver and New York have in common? They all have their own distinct jazz scenes and sounds and musicians. With his newest album Jazzspeak, Ralf Buschmeyer encapsulates the sounds of these distinctive musical cities through three very unique and intimate recording sessions with musicians from each region. Jazzspeak, a collection of these three sessions, documents Ralfs first meetings with some of Canadas finest jazz players.

Session One New York/Winnipeg: Featuring Grammy Award-winning drummer John Riley from New York, Ralf captures a great friendship in the studio. The three tracks, also featuring Michelle Gregoire on B3, melding into an offering of contemporary groove and swing.

Session Two Vancouver: The four tracks with Bill Coon, Jodi Proznick, and Jesse Cahill, are brought together with a shared love for contemporary jazz, and demonstrate the unique approach that Vancouver musicians bring to jazz.

Session Three Toronto: The two tracks from the Toronto Session with Folkalarm mainstays; Kevin Breit, Russ Boswell, and Jorn Andersen, provide contrasting tempos and moods.

Together, these sessions align to demonstrate the versatility and perfection of Ralf as a composer and performer.

Track Listing Disc 1:

Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 1: Tragic Chromatic - 4:20
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 2: How's About Now? - 4:37
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 3: Tossamannabobo - 5:08
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 4: Nobody Knows (The Trouble I Have Seen) - 6:04
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 5: Ain't Gonna Dance - 6:05
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 6: Black Babber - 6:11
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 7: D Jam Blues - 6:53
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 8: Asia-Vu - 4:56
Buy Song Play Song preview  $ 1.50 - 9: High Collie Carlos - 3:11

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